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New project - Pawn

b2ap3_thumbnail_Pawn.jpg     Another work in progress. This pieces is approximately 18 inches tall and will be resting on a hand-made chessboard made of walnut and maple. The form is a pawn modeled with architectural references rooted in ancient history. My inspiration for this piece comes from the questioning of our existence and the role we play within this reality.

    I have also made progress on my previous piece, Mother Nature, which I will upload images of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, time has been a precious commodity of late, and I regret not keeping this blog updated more frequently. As my work progresses, I will try harder to post more frequent updates. I will also be creating some new work in the coming months that will be in the same vein as Cycle of Decay, which will be for a collaborative exhibition in December. As that develops, I will be keeping extensive documentation of the process. Check back periodically for info.