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Richmond's InLight 2014 by 1708 Gallery

selected by Juror Denise Markonish, curator at Mass MoCA
Christopher David White and Marta Finkelstein Luminous Landscapes

Our collaborative project is inspired by the phenomenon of light as it passes through the translucent petals of a flowering Magnolia. Each translucent petal is press molded out of recycled paper pulp and hand painted. These luminaries act as sculptural tributes to the temporal beauty of light spilling through the spring magnolia petal.


Landscape studies with porcelain moss.


Open Studio

b2ap3_thumbnail_openstudioflyer.jpgOpen Studio this weekend! My fiance and I will be host an open studio this Saturday from 5pm-10pm. If your in the neighborhood, feel free to come visit and see some of our work. There will some work for sale along with free snacks and drinks!

Saturday, April 27th


5970 West Vernal Pike

Bloomington, IN 47404


New project - Pawn

b2ap3_thumbnail_Pawn.jpg     Another work in progress. This pieces is approximately 18 inches tall and will be resting on a hand-made chessboard made of walnut and maple. The form is a pawn modeled with architectural references rooted in ancient history. My inspiration for this piece comes from the questioning of our existence and the role we play within this reality.

    I have also made progress on my previous piece, Mother Nature, which I will upload images of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, time has been a precious commodity of late, and I regret not keeping this blog updated more frequently. As my work progresses, I will try harder to post more frequent updates. I will also be creating some new work in the coming months that will be in the same vein as Cycle of Decay, which will be for a collaborative exhibition in December. As that develops, I will be keeping extensive documentation of the process. Check back periodically for info.

Work in Progress - Mother Nature

 I'd just like to start out this post with another big THANK YOU! to the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design for support through the Windgate Fellowship. This amazing organization provided funds for me to do visual research in Italy and Chicago, allowed me to build a studio, AND in the spring I'll be going to Inyo National Forest to do more research. I can't thank them enough! This fellowship has allowed me to enrich and continue my artistic practice. From these experiences I've already begun to develop new pieces such as this one.






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